Located in the Mekalless industrial City – Beirut - Lebanon, Yerlou Plastic was established in 1973.

Starting from a bright idea, the directors were able to fix a plastic manufacturing plant specialized in food service packaging.

Throughout the years, Yerlou Plastic has played the pioneer role in developing the business sector, its shapes, different desings and colors, in addition to lable innovations.

Following its strict adherence to quality differenciation, Yerlou Plastic ensures to use the latest production to the best quality raw materials to preserve its reputation of providing the market with the finest disposable plastic products.

Our experience

Yerlou Plastic has been in business since it was founded in 1973. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in our field of
work. We have worked on our products quality-wise and entered the market with competitive prices and we developed the technology
over the course of the years in a way to stay in the competition and deliver high-quality products. This allowed us access to the
trust of our clients, and the spread of our products throughout the four corners of the globe.

What we do



Manufacturing plant

Marketing Departement

Sales and distribution Departement

Import and export Departement


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